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Don't worry! Our staff will guide you on how to assemble your window blinds.

Window Blinds Assemble

  1. Attach PVC Flat to the top and bottom side of the Fabric. Staple it.
  2. Insert the top of the Fabric with the PVC into the Fabric Tube.

    1. Insert the bottom of the Fabric with PVC into the Bottom Rail.
    2. Put the end cap to the both sides of the Bottom Rail. Then, roll it.
  3. Attach the End Plug on the side of the Fabric Tube.
    1. Then, attach the Chain Roll Clutch with the Ball Chain (Controller) on the other side of the Fabric Tube.
  4. Put the Fabric Tube inside the Upper Rail.
    1. Attach the Left and Right Bracket on the sides of the Upper Rail with the Fabric Tube.

      Then, screw the Left and Right Bracket.

  5. Quality check.

Installation Guide

  1. Drill the top screw into the wall where you want to install the window blinds. Be sure to tighten firmly since the top screw holds the majority of the weight of the window blinds. Then, drill one screw into the lower hole of each bracket.
  2. View off the window blind brackets after they are installed.
  3. Install head rail. Place the front edge of track into the front edge of mounting brackets as shown. Then, snap the back side of the head rail into place. Make sure that it clicks.

You can decide on the width/height of your window blinds that you want to cover your window.

Inside Mount

  1. Measure the width inside the window opening.
  2. Measure the height inside the window opening.

Outside Mount

  1. Measure the width across the window. Instead of the exact size, add an excess measurement of the width (the additional excess measurement of the width will depends on you). Typically add at least 3cm on each side.
  2. Measure the height of the area where you want the blind to cover.


  1. Look for Mercedez Executive Village.
  2. Facing the gate of Mercedez Executive Village turn right.
  3. When you reach the fourth corner of the street, turn left, ( 500 m )
  4. And, Look for warehouse 2A on the leftside of the street.